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Our Beef

Beef cattle grazing in Door County

Our animals are raised right here on our farm in Door County, Wis. from the moment they are born until it is time for processing.

We are dedicated to providing a wholesome and nutritious product for you and your family. 

Our beef animals are Holstein (a dairy breed) crossed with Angus (a beef breed). Holsteins are known for their lean meat and consistent quality, while Angus are known for their ribeye size. This combination of breeds ensures a consistent, lean meat with good marbling.

Along with our team of employees, we raise all of our beef animals giving them the best care possible. Animal care is top priority on our farm.

Animals are fed milk from birth to two months of age when they are weaned, along with grain. From there, they begin grazing on paddocks that consist of cool season grasses, summer cocktail mixes and cover crops.

Our pasture management system is referred to as “managed grazing” which means the animals are moved between paddocks to ensure the plants have adequate time to recover, while keeping the soil covered and healthy throughout the year. The animals recycle the nutrients they graze while on pasture through their manure which fertilizes the ground. We plant a diverse variety of crops that include: grasses, legumes, brassicas and small grains. 

As needed, they are supplemented with a “total mixed ration” (TMR) that consists of a variety of forages like corn silage (the entire stalk of corn chopped up and fermented), alfalfa, rye, vitamins and minerals that are needed to ensure they are getting all of the nutrients they need. We work with a beef cattle nutritionist who writes the “recipes” for their feed depending on their stage in life to ensure they are happy and healthy.

We grow all of the crops that we feed our animals. Corn silage, alfalfa, rye, sorghum sudan grass, triticale and winter wheat are some of the crops we grow and harvest for feed. Minerals and vitamins are purchased from local feed suppliers. 

Our beef animals are processed locally at Marchant’s Foods in Brussels.

Shop online for local pickup at our beef stand.

Beef cattle grazing in winter
Beef cattle grazing in winter