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Fill your freezer with Brey Family Beef

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BFB Door County freezer beef

Invest in a quarter half or whole animal from Brey Family Beef.

How it works

Contact us to let us know you are interested.

We will coordinate a date for your animal to be processed. When it is time for your animal to be processed, we will contact you, let you know the hanging weight and connect you directly with our processor Marchant’s Meats in Brussels, Wis.

You will let the processor know what cuts you would like (see below for more information and this link to get an idea of what decisions you’ll have to make). Processing costs ($0.79/lb + fees) are paid directly to the butcher and $3.25/lb hanging weight is paid to Brey Family Beef.

Pick up your animal from Marchant’s when it is ready, take it home and enjoy!

 Learn more about what to expect when buying a quarter, half or whole animal here.


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